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Santa's Toy Shop


Santa’s Toy Shop

According to contemporary thinking, Christmas is the happiest time of the year.  A time for giving, celebrating, and enjoying being with family.  Yet for many people it is far from that. Coping with already overstretched budgets, many low-income families are weighed down by the burden of expectation – having to deliver the perfect Christmas experience of food, presents, and decorations, while lacking the finances to fulfill everybody’s Christmas dreams.

Friendship House tries to take some of the burden off our client’s shoulders by providing a Santa Toy Shop every year. Right before Christmas, we set up our facility’s lobby with toys donated to us by generous benefactors to look like a Christmas Toy Shop. We allow our clients with children to “come shop” for toys that are appropriate for their children’s age and size. Everything from books to bikes, dolls, trucks, games, sports equipment, and digital devices – we seem to have it all and our clients are so grateful for the help!